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*Unfortunately at this time we do not ship internationally*

Due to high volume for orders, shipping is usually 1 - 3 weeks after purchasing.

Tracking numbers will be emailed to the buyer once the order has been processed and shipped.

**Shipping prices reflect the flat rate prices for Florida located on **


6 Bottles - $100​

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12 Bottles - $200

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18 Bottles - $300

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24 Bottles - $400

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“Hair Honey” by Vicky Bee’z is a hair vitamin made with vitamins and natural oils. The medicated formulation promotes growth, elasticity, volume, enhance definition of curl patterns, adds sheen and nourishes each hair strand which ultimately promotes hair and beard growth. Hair Honey relieves most forms of Alopecia, Psoriasis, Severe Eczema, Scalp Infections, and Dandruff. It also reduces split-ends, dry hair, brittle hair, breakage, and heat damage. Hair Honey relieves female and male pattern baldness. 

This product is universal and can be used on women, men, and children of all ethnicities and ages.

“Hair Honey” by Vicky Bee’z is rich in:

Essential fatty acids: which nourishes the scalp by removing the sebum build up from the hair shaft which promotes healthy hair.

Vitamin E and Antioxidants: that protects the keratin in the hair strands which reduces split-ends, breakage and seals in moisture.

Antifungal properties: which aids against Folliculitis, Dandruff and scalp Infections such as: Psoriasis and Eczema.

Ricinoleic Acid: which increases blood stimulation to the scalp promoting strength and elasticity.

Natural humectants: which relieves brittle, dry, damaged hair by promoting moisture and sheen.


How to use “Hair Honey” by Vicky Bee’z as a daily oil for all hair types:

Grease scalp with “Hair Honey” every morning and night. Massage scalp after each application for 1-3 minutes.

For maximum results use “Hair Honey” at least 5-6 days a week.

How to use “Hair Honey” by Vicky Bee’z on beards:

Use a quarter-size amount of “Hair Honey” every morning and night (Preferably when you exit the shower).

For maximum results use “Hair Honey” every day and night.

How to use “Hair Honey” by Vicky Bee’z as a hot- oil conditioning treatment:

1.) Filter 1 oz.- 4 oz. of “Hair Honey” (depending on hair amount) and warm up in a microwavable bowl for 15 seconds.

2.) Make sure temperature of “Hair Honey” is to your liking but not too hot to avoid scolding of the scalp.

3.) Apply warm “Hair Honey” to dirty, damp hair and scalp.

4.) Massage scalp for 1-2 minutes.

5.) Apply shower cap or thermal cap to seal nutrients into hair shaft for at least one hour.

6.) Wash, Condition, and style.

***DISCLAIMER*** THIS PRODUT IS A USE AT YOUR OWN RISK FORMULATION!!! THERE IS NO GUARANTEE THAT “HAIR HONEY” BY VICKY BEE’Z WILL WORK FOR YOU.  Good luck with your healthy hair journey and thank you for your business.

***Vicky Bee’z is not responsible for packages being shipped to the wrong mailing address provided by buyer. When purchasing please verify that your mailing address is CORRECT. Packages sent to the wrong shipping address will be subject to additional restocking and reshipping fees.***

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