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Thank you for visiting my site My name is Vicky Bee. I am the CEO and creator of “Hair Honey” by Vicky Bee’z LLC. I am a Certified Hair Loss Practitioner with United States Trichology Institute (USTI), accredited by American Medical Certification Association (AMCA). My company’s goal is to provide products to all ethnicities and ages to help you or your loved ones obtain healthy hair or a healthy beard if desired.

My love of formulating “Hair Honey” by Vicky Bee’z originates from my former love of pharmacy. During my long journey of wanting to pursue a career in Pharmacy, I obtained my Pre-Pharmacy degree, which required me to undergo classes that allowed me to formulate products from their molecular levels such as Chemistry II, Organic II, and Calculus II. Although, the career of Pharmacy was not the career that I chose to pursue in the end, I used my knowledge obtained from my studies to formulate “Hair Honey” by Vicky Bee’z.

“Hair Honey” by Vicky Bee’z was originally intended for my personal usage. My hair was at its lowest point and I decided to create a product that would help me grow my hair back to a healthy state. My product took me three long years to create, but I am pleased to say that so far it has helped hundreds of individuals grow their hair and beard from a stagnant state to becoming healthy and luscious. My clientele range from children, women, and men of all ethnicities with cases of Lupus, different forms of Alopecia, high blood pressure, thyroid issues and chemo patients.

“Hair Honey” by Vicky Bee’z is a hair growth serum made with natural oils and vitamins. My blessing in a bottle promotes growth, elasticity, moisture retention, enhance curl patterns, and adds volume and sheen. It relieves most Alopecia, Psoriasis, Eczema, and Severe Dandruff. It reduces heat damage, shrinkage, breakage, shedding, and frizz. There is no guarantee that this product will work for you but I wish you the best of luck with your healthy hair journey.

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